About Sourdough Peat

What is Peat?

Peat thrives in Alaska’s unique climate. As time goes by, the old materials sink into the lower layer. The process of decomposition takes place very slowly in the oxygenless layer. But it is patient, and over a long period of millennials, a thick layer of homogeneous material named peat is formed.

Why is Alaskan Peat different?

The success of Alaska Sourdough Peat is based on its uniquely high microbial content. Microbes produce nitrogen which is nature’s 100% organic fertilizer. The high microbial levels along with the perfect environment of cold, damp soil, in Alaska’s frigid temperatures create a unique blend of peat backyard gardeners and farmers are praising. Our customers say it’s so good they’re seeing accelerated growth in their plants in as little as 2-3 days after planting. Alaska’s temperatures, undisturbed natural soil composition, and lab-tested pH levels create the world’s premium mineral nutrients that’s perfectly balanced to support optimum plant growth.

Why choose Alaska Sourdough Peat?

At Alaska Sourdough Peat, we pride ourselves on stellar customer service. No customer is too big or too small. We’re here to serve you. Whether you’re a farm purchasing a bulk order requiring a Conex shipping container, or a gardening enthusiast looking for a single bag to use in your home garden, Alaska Sourdough Peat is your one stop shop for the new standard of quality. Call today for a quote.

Coming soon! We will have 2lbs-to 50lbs garden bags of our world famous Alaska Sourdough Microbial Peat for the backyard gardener. We’re here to serve all our customers and look forward to hearing from you!